Swap rates + pricing

The PYUSD.to app does not charge any fees! But when people pay you, there will be a few costs:

  • Gas fees for the Ethereum network

  • Swap fees for the Uniswap network

The exact amounts also depend on the current swap rate at the time.

How do I know I am getting the best swap rate?

All routing and contract interactions use Uniswap, which is an audited and heavily used protocol. However, as with all web3, please review transactions before sending. Factors that might affect the swap rate:

Prices of the actual assets may not be ideal.

For example, if someone wants to send ETH into PYUSD.to, but if ETH's price is low, they'll have to send more ETH to get the same amount of PYUSD.

Pool liquidity may be low

If there isn't a lot of liquidity offering to buy the asset being traded, it will cost more to make the trade.

There can be additional MEV

Swap transactions may be subject to MEV, meaning automated trades excuted in patterns that take advantage of other transactions' inefficiencies. While PYUSD.to ensures that the requested amounts are send and delivered as specified, MEV bots can take advantage of small price fluctuations that would have otherwise benefitted you.

If you are looking to maximize your swap rate and fully protect against MEV, you may want to consider using an aggregated off-chain orderbook like CowSwap.

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